Second Time DUI with Accident Reduced to "Wet Reckless"

At the Pasadena courthouse, I recently succeeded in negotiating a reduction in charges on a second time DUI which involved a two car accident. I was able to persuade the prosecutor to reduce the charges from a second time DUI to a simple "Wet Reckless" driving. This was of tremendous benefit to my client because it meant that he did not have to serve the mandatory 96 hours of jail that comes with a second DUI conviction. Of even greater elation to my client, we were able to avoid the one year license suspension that would have resulted from a second DUI within 10 years. That meant no suspension of his California Driver's license and since it was a Los Angeles County case (which would otherwise entail Ignition Interlock Devices) , no IID. Moreover, we were able to avoid any additional punishment on the probaton violation despite my client still being on active probation for his 2014 first time DUI. Great Result! Proud to be of service to our community!