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  • Great Personal Injury Settlement for Client that Slipped-and-Fell and Fractured Two Teeth Walking Out of Convenience Store!

    Our client contacted our office after she was injured by slipping and falling while exiting a convenience store. Our client was walking towards the parking lot, when the poorly and inadequately marked ...

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  • Criminal Conviction Wrongfully Attributed to Your Criminal Record? How to Correct Your Record and Remove the Conviction from Appearing on Your Criminal History Record.

    All too often, a criminal defendant provides law enforcement with an incorrect name, date of birth, and other identifying information when being investigated, arrested, and charged with a crime. ...

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  • What is the “Implied Consent Law” and What Must an Officer Advise a Driver Presumed to be Under the Influence of Both Drugs and Alcohol?

    Vehicle Code section 23612 governs the “implied consent” law in California. According to this statute, a person driving a motor vehicle on a California roadway is deemed to have given his or her ...

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  • Slipped-and-Fell on Raised and Uneven Sidewalk? What are the Deadlines for Filing a Claim Against the Public Entity for Compensation?

    There are very strict deadlines for submitting a claim against a public entity when you have suffered a bodily injury that you believe the public entity may be liable for. For example, if you trip and ...

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  • Post-Conviction Motion to Reduce Felony Penal Code section 245(a), “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” Reduced to a Misdemeanor and Dismissed Per Penal Code section 1203.4!

    Our client was convicted of violating Penal Code section 245(a), “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” in 1994 at the South County Courthouse in San Diego County. At that time, our client was placed on ...

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  • Two Post-Conviction Motions to Vacated Granted at Torrance Courthouse in One Morning for Two Different Clients!

    Attorney Steve Escovar had a successfully day in court and was able to achieve victories on two different post-conviction motions to vacate pleas for two different clients! VICTORY #1: In the first ...

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