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  • Federal Criminal Justice Reform Bill – The First Step Act – Prohibits the Use of Solitary Confinement for Discipline, Punishment, or Retaliation for Juvenile Offenders

    The House of Representatives introduced “The First Step Act” aimed at reducing the recidivism of federal prisoners and other criminal justice reforms. The Act was originally passed in the House and ...

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  • Bench Warrant Recalled and Case Dismissed Pursuant to Penal Code section 1385 in the Interests of Justice for a Misdemeanor Health and Safety Code section 11550(a) (“Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance”)!

    Recently at the Tulare Courthouse in Tulare County I was able to negotiate to a Penal Code Section 1385 dismissal in the interests of justice for our client charged with one misdemeanor count of ...

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  • Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office Neighborhood Justice Program (“NJP”) Allows Qualifying Offenders to Complete Program and Receive “No Filing” Dismissals for Certain Misdemeanor Offenses!

    The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has created and implements a pre-filing diversion program named the “Neighborhood Justice Program” (“NJP”) that allows people who commit certain misdemeanors to ...

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  • Effective January 1, 2019 – New Gun Control Law Passed in California Requiring Showing of Safe Handling of Firearm and Live-Fire Exercises for License to Carry a Concealed Firearm – Assembly Bill No. 2103

    On September 26, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown approved Assembly Bill No. 2103 which make noteworthy amendments to California’s laws regarding applications for licenses to carry concealed firearms. This ...

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  • Child Pornography Offender Risk Tool (“CPORT”) Developed and Can Help Predict Risk of Recidivism Among Adult Male Offenders with Convictions for Child Pornography!

    The number of cases in which defendants are being charged with possession of child pornography has been increasing yet it is difficult to determine or predict the risk that these individuals may ...

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  • Probation for Bringing a Gun Through a TSA Checkpoint! Increase in Firearms Uncovered at the Nation’s Airports – Los Angeles Times Reports on How the Los Angeles Superior Courts are Handling Those Arrested for these Offenses

    Yesterday the Los Angeles Times published an article addressing how the Los Angeles County Superior courts are handling passengers arrested for attempting to bring firearms onto flights at LAX ...

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