Attorney Charged with a Violation of Health and Safety Code Section 11370.1(a) – Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substances While Armed with Loaded Firearm, Mental Health Diversion Granted!

Recently, at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Courthouse in Los Angeles County, attorney Karin Khachatorian represented a client, who is an attorney, that was charged with one count of a felony violation of Health and Safety Code section 11370.1(a) alleging that he possessed a controlled substance while armed with a loaded firearm. 

In the face of such serious charges, coupled with the fact that the client is a licensed California attorney, Ms. Khachatorian worked diligently in investigating and preparing the defense. This included having the client evaluated for any potential psychiatric conditions. With a qualifying mental health condition, the client would be eligible for Mental Health Diversion. Once diagnosed, the formal motion for Mental Health Diversion was filed, then strenuously opposed by the prosecution, but Ms. Khachatorian was able to successfully persuade the Judge to grant the motion (i.e. the judge granted Mental Health Diversion for twelve months on the condition that the client seek Outpatient Psychological Counseling and take medication if prescribed).  This felony will be completely dismissed upon completion of the 12 month program.

This is a fantastic result where the client will not face any jail time, will maintain his professional reputation, and will not have a conviction on his record. 

*Please note that every case is unique and fact specific. Results will vary and there are no guarantees.