Transportation of a Controlled Substance Warrant Recalled, Probation Terminated

I represented a client at the Santa Clarita Courthouse that hired me after he had failed to report to probation upon release from jail after he was convicted of violating Health and Safety code section 11352(a) for Transporting a Controlled Substance. He had been arrested on a new Domestic Violence charge. The judge indicated he was going to sentence him to 3 years of state prison for a Probation Violation for failing to report to probation for 19 years and for committing the new offense. I filed and argued a "Leiva Motion". The judge agreed that he did not have a legal basis to violate my client's probation. Therefore, probation was terminated with no jail time and no further court obligations. He was released from Sheriff's custody immediately. Call my office if you have a warrant for failing to report to probation to see how we can help you.