Assault With a Deadly Weapon (P.C. 245), With GBI Enhancement - Dismissed at Jury Trial Readiness Hearing

I represented a client at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Courts building (formerly known as CCB) in the Los Angeles County Superior Court that was accused of engaging in a bar fight that lead to the victim being punched by the assailant in the neck with a drink glass that shattered and severed an artery in the victim's neck which almost caused him to die. My client was accused of being the person who hit the victim with the drink glass. The charges were very serious and my client was facing state prison. I worked closely with my client to identify the true perpetrator. My investigator located and interviewed witnesses and we were able to identify the true suspect.

We, nonetheless, had to conduct the Preliminary Hearing where I cross-examined the victim. Through my questioning it became clear that the victim was actually the aggressor and he described the person who hit him with the drink glass as having characteristics that were different than my client. The judge, nonetheless, held my client to answer for the charge of a violation of Penal Code section 245 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon with a Great Bodily Injury Enchancement, which made this case a strike offense.

After we gathered some favorable testimony at the preliminary hearing, and after further investigation, I provided our leads and investigation reports to the prosecutor. She re-interviewed our witnesses and agreed that my client was innocent. Case dismissed. An innocent man mistakenly accused of a Felony Strike Offense, this is the apex of what we do as criminal defense attorneys.