Client with a Prior Felony Conviction Charged with Attempted Murder, Violation of Penal Code Sections 664/187(a), for Shooting at Another Man - Facing 19 Years In Prison, Case resolved for 6 Years of Prison!

Recently, at the Long Beach Courthouse in Los Angeles County, attorney Steve Escovar represented a client, a felon, who was charged with one Count of Attempted Murder in violation of Penal Code section 664/187(a) and two more charges for felony violations of Penal Code section 29800(a)(1) (Felon in Possession of a Firearm). 

The facts in this case did not bear well for Mr. Escovar’s client as the client was captured on video carrying a semi-automatic handgun and captured on audio yelling out, searching for a rival gang. Additionally, the client was captured on an audio shooting at another male, who was struck by the bullet in the arm. 

As part of the investigation and mitigation of this case, Mr. Escovar hired an audio and video enhancement expert, which revealed another voice during the confrontation which resulted in the shooting. This new information revealed a circumstance of potential “Self-Defense”.  This information was present to the prosecution. Additionally, a psychiatric evaluation of the defendant was conducted as part of the client’s “Mitigation Packet.” 

Mr. Escovar met with the prosecutor several times to advocate in favor of mitigating circumstances. After the lengthy discussions, the prosecutor offered six (6) years of prison, as a plea agreement.

This is a fantastic result where the client was facing nineteen (19) years in prison, but we were able to resolve the case for six (6) years in custody.  An experienced and zealous advocate can me a significant difference in how a case is resolved.

*Please note that every case is unique and fact specific. Results will vary and there are no guarantees.