Third Time DUI -V.C. 23152(b) Plea Agreement 150 Days of House Arrest

At the Rancho Cucamonga Superior Courthouse we just negotiated a plea agreement on a "Third Time DUI" where our client would serve only one day in jail (the day of his arrest). The plea agreement called for no further county jail time, rather, the judge agreeded to order our client to serve 150 days of house arrest (among other terms of probation). In that courthouse, most people serve between 210 and 270 days of county jail on a "Third Time DUI". This result is another example of the strong advocacy and the creative solutions that we provide for our clients. The "deal" will allow our client to keep his job and he will be home for the up coming birth of his child instead of being in county jail. It feels great to make a differnce in our client's lives!