Domestic Violence Acquittals! Penal Code sections 273.5 and 245(a)

I completed a Jury Trial in the Alhambra Courthouse where my client was charged with committing Domestic Violence against his wife. He was charged with violations of Penal Code sections 273.5 and 245(a). He and his wife had been in several arguments that culminated in a physical altercation. At the end of the incident, she was injured and she was hospitalized with a broken clavicle. She claimed that he had attacked her in anger. At trial we proved to the jury, that, in fact, she charged aggressively at him and that he simple deflected her attack by shoving her. The shove caused her to fall and break her clavicle. However, his behavior was entirely in Self Defense. The jury agreed, NOT GUILTY on both counts! The truth prevailed, justice was served.