Arrest and Bench Warrants in Pasadena and Los Angeles County

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We have successfully represented numerous clients who have had either Arrest Warrants or Bench Warrants issued against them. We can help you immediately recall a warrant. We must first determine if the warrant is on a Felony or a Misdemeanor matter. If the warrant is for a misdemeanor matter, typically, our attorneys will go to court, for you, to recall the warrant since, of course, it is likely that your main goal is to avoid being arrested. If so, then we recommend having one of our attorneys appear in court on your behalf. Penal Code section 977(a) allows an attorney to appear, on behalf of a client, on a misdemeanor matter. This means you personally do not have to appear in court. However, there are exceptions to this privilege such as for arraignment on domestic violence offenses. If your matter is eligible for a Penal Code section 977(a) appearance, then it is a great convenience for you and it increases the likelihood that you can avoid arrest.

If you have a felony warrant, then you must appear in person and it is best to do so with your attorney after you have prepared a mitigation packet and after you have collected evidence and records that demonstrate that you are a good candidate for a release on your "Own Recognizance" ("OR" Release). This way you improve the likelihood of remaining out of custody on your "Own Recognizance" or in having bail set as low as possible.

Lastly, if the warrant amount is reasonable then we can arrange for you to surrender at a local police station. We can also help you identify a bail agent to assist you in making arrangements to pay the bail, this way you will likely be released in a few short hours without having to be processed at a county jail.

We make it our goal to be the "Best Criminal Defense Attorneys" in smoothly and successfully resolving warrant issues for our clients.

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Arrest Warrants vs. Bench Warrants

An “Arrest Warrant” may be issued in the following circumstances:

A Judge issues a warrant because of probable cause to arrest you;

You were arrested and released without signing a promise to appear and you are being ordered to court;

Your case was not filed on the date you were initially cited to court, but later an “Arrest Warrant” is issued to bring you to court;

A "Bench Warrant” may be issued in the following circumstances:

You signed a “Promise to Appear” or a “Citation” and you failed to appear in court on the agreed upon date.

You initially went to your court date, but later failed to appear at you next court date.

You are on probation and you in some manner violated probation. (e.g. a new offense, failure to complete community service, or a court ordered treatment program)

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