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Being arrested for a DUI can be a very emotionally challenging and costly experience. If you simply plead guilty to a first time DUI charge, you may unnecessarily be convicted of a misdemeanor offense. It is wise to have an experienced DUI attorney represent you in order to challenge the evidence, advocate for the best result possible and guide you through the DMV process, the insurance issues and represent you at the court appearances.

Because the consequences of a DUI conviction are so severe, it is sensible to seek representation from a Pasadena DUI lawyer from Escovar & Avila, LLP as soon as possible after your arrest. We are here to defend your rights and challenge the alleged "evidence" against you.

When your rights are aggressively defended, defenses emerge. For example, on a significant number of cases, after aggressively questioning the arresting officer we have been able to prove that the detention of our client was unlawful, that the officer did not properly administer the breath testing protocol, and that the Field Sobriety Testing was unreliable. These revelations can completely change the result of your case. Call us now for a free consultation to see how we can help you.

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What Are the Penalties for DUI?

In California, the consequences of a DUI conviction can include:

  • Thousands of dollars in fines and fees
  • A mandatory 30-hour alcohol class
  • A minimum of three years on summary probation
  • In some areas a required installation of an ignition interlock device
  • Suspension or revocation of your driver's license
  • Significant increases in your automobile insurance premiums
  • Jail or prison time depending on the details of your case

Have You Been Charged with DUI?

Whether you are facing a first time DUI charge or whether you are a repeat offender, contact Escovar & Avila, LLP, as soon as possible, after you have been arrested in order to immediately preserve evidence and investigate your defense. Our Pasadena criminal defense attorneys are fully aware that this may be an incredibly stressful and challenging time in your life, but with experienced and knowledgeable legal guidance from our firm, you could achieve a favorable resolution.

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